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Take a look at what happy couples are saying about my services!

"The Best Day of our Lives"

Nichole + Shawn 

My sister-in-law got married one year before we got engaged and the biggest piece of advice she gave me for planning a wedding was “get yourself a good day of coordinator (if you’re not getting a full on wedding planner) and book them right after you book the venue. Ask your venue who they recommend; you want someone local to the area that will know most (if not all) of your vendors.” So, sure enough, immediately after booking our venue (Chaminade in Santa Cruz) we asked them who to work with for planning and they highly recommended Sarah.

We had our consultation call and instantly clicked. I knew in my gut she was the one. She is warm, friendly, outgoing, personable, easy to talk to - pretty much someone you want to be your friend :) She is an excellent listener and takes down copious notes during any/all mtgs you have with her. She is VERY DETAIL-ORIENTED and I had full confidence that she was going to execute our big wedding day flawlessly. And she sure did!! It was the best day of our lives :)
They should really call it “month of coordinator” not day-of coordinator because that’s what it is. Sarah met with me just over a month before the big day and got caught up to speed on all the planning, vendors and venue info. From there, she reached out to each vendor on her own to confirm all details and establish herself as the point of contact. Let me tell you, after we had this meeting, I felt a huge relief off my back, knowing that I was passing the baton to her. She was even more clutch during the peak 2021 wedding season since our venue and vendors were all overbooked and spread then, she was able to get a hold of them and confirm details and work with them up until the big day.

Lastly, the day of my wedding I got to RELAX and enjoy the ride as she did all the work (as she was the POC) and I barely looked at my phone! She is so so so great. I can’t say enough great things about her! I hope we stay friends as we got real close during the process. She is a wonderful human being and truly loves weddings and being a part of your special day!


"Absolute Pleasure to Work With!"

Megan + Chris 

Sarah is an absolute pleasure to work with! We hired her for day-of coordination and she was just what we needed. We frantically contacted her about three months out from our wedding date, as our venue had informed us (after planners quitting and being fired) that they didn't have anybody to help us coordinate on the day of the wedding. After chatting with Sarah over the phone, we could tell we were in good hands. Even though we had hired her for day-of coordination, she asked for us to copy her on emails to keep her in the loop about the details, and this was MONTHS before the wedding. That was awesome; her planning starts well before your wedding day! She was in touch with all of our vendors in the weeks leading up to the wedding regarding arrival/departure times, and also helped iron out the details with the venue as best she could. We had our rehearsal the day before the wedding and Sarah ran the whole thing. And then, there was the day of the wedding. I can't stress enough how invaluable Sarah was for us. She cued the wedding procession, corralled people to the cocktail hour and into the reception, released tables for the dinner buffet, showed us what to do for the awkward cake cutting ceremony, collected our personal items during the reception to place into our hotel room, and checked in with us throughout the night to make sure we had gotten food and were having a good time. She even grabbed us each one of our signature drinks to have with our dinner while we were at the beach taking pictures. The list goes on!
Sarah knows how special and important your wedding day is, and that is evident throughout her whole planning process. Not to mention, she's so sweet! I would highly recommend hiring Sarah to help with your planning process; you won't be disappointed.

Megan + Noah

"A Dream to Work With"

Claire + Stevie 

Working with Sarah was a dream! She was such a calming presence every step of the way and knew how to strike the right balance of sharing her expertise while also letting us have a lot of say. I highly recommend Sarah for anyone planning a wedding or large event, but I especially suggest her if you want an in-between package. Sarah worked with us to build an arrangement that fit our budget and our needs. The whole wedding weekend was so much more enjoyable because I knew Sarah was covering all the details, and I truly had the freedom to just soak up the experience with friends and family.


"Beyond Words"

Katy + Joe 

My husband and I had the pleasure of having Sarah as our Wedding Coordinator. From the day we got engaged we keep seeing the most wonderful reviews about her and what she has to offer. We were so very excited to consult with her. We were in Seattle and had a destination of Maui. I was slightly concerned not being able to go there and have the meeting in person. However all of those concerns and fear immediately dissipated upon talking with her. 

She is kind, loving and caring. From the day you start planning with her to the day of she is your main gal. We had multiple emails back and forth down to the smallest question. She is quick to respond and always makes you feel at ease no matter the situation. Days before the wedding I was stressing over the weather, not even my maid of honor could calm me down. I called Sarah and with the most calm voice she explained to me that the wedding would be perfect. She went over again in detail oh how it was all going to go. Within that moment the most sense of calm came over me that I knew everything would be just fine. 

Upon arrival she made sure not only my husband and I were welcome, but everyone in the party including family. She checked on us several times throughout our stay before the big day. During the rehearsal she was right by our side to make sure everyone was doing what they needed to do, I did not have to say one thing (and I am a very controlling person). 

I thought it could not get any better and of course she did more than surprise us, she was beyond words could express she was hands down incredible. Not one thing went wrong and if it did I had no idea. Come to find out after the wedding there were a few snafus (as all weddings have them. Someone being late. Too much drinking ect.) however again we did not know of any. 

She is more than supportive. She will be your best friend, your Mother, your sister, your right hand gal. Trust me……(Love is my jam), I love love. I know how important wedding are. Choose her, she will not let you down. She never did for us!!!!!!!"

Katy + Joe

"She Was Amazing!"

Betsy + Neil

Sarah is the best! We were looking for a day of coordinator for our wedding at Roaring Camp, but we ended up hiring Sarah for more than just day of coordinating! She took two very overwhelmed lovebirds and really helped us through the planning process. She is very knowledgeable, encouraging and positive. On the day of the wedding, she was amazing! We didn't feel one ounce of stress because we knew Sarah had everything under control! We couldn't have asked for a better wedding coordinator!

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Betsy + Neil
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